About Us

G-vector Realty was founded by Mr Vivek Arora, an accomplished real estate professional with more than 20 years of extensive experience in Product, Sales, Supply Chain, Realty Consulting and leadership/management. Vivek  founded the firm after identifying a need in the marketplace for a Real estate advisory firm that ventured beyond completing successful real estate transactions.

In Vivek’s view, today’s clients seek experienced and innovative advisors who care, who understand their needs and objectives, who share their commitment to success, and who offer unmatched access and market intelligence. G-Vector Realty is a premier boutique investment real estate sales advisory firm that provides clients more than a suite of services; it forms long-term business relationships that go beyond a single project or transaction.

G-vector Realty professionals share Vivek’s same commitment to client service, embracing the following core values:

  1. Our clients’ business interests come first.
  2. We pride ourselves in consistent and outstanding work ethic, in offering clients business foresight, and in delivering measurable results.
  3. We are guided by strong ethics and a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We value discretion and confidentiality in all aspects of our client partnerships.
  4. We attract and retain the best talent.
  5. Collaboration is key – among our team members, with our clients and strategic partners who complement our expertise and service offerings.

Directors Desk

Vision to grow and Dedication to know...

WE have established our company to new heights to go with the modern & globalised economy. Though looking back is not our style but to do a self-introspection, to analyze our strength and most important to remain self-motivated we wanted to work on our faults and focus on the new-age global level professionalism. As I believe the hunger to achieve more should never die within. When it comes to hard work & passion we should not get satisfied easily there is a long journey ahead. And why should our clients, our investors should move along with us in this journey because of TRUST. People choose us because of TRUST, which is a quite an issue in today’s property world. We don’t ask to TRUST US we earn it. And the way to earn it is by giving clients the best advice and getting them the best returns on their investments – always.

It is our passion and progressive approach to gain and retain our goodwill in the industry. And above all we are futuristic and professional in everything we do.